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pdf: Curriculum Vitae I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Montreal. As a landscape theorist, historian, designer, and teacher, I investigate the representation of infrastructures and very large environments, with a focus on how twentieth and twenty-first century drawing practices have engaged broader cultural conceptions of cities, nature, technology and power. I recently completed my Doctor of Philosophy in the History of Architecture and Urban Development at Cornell University. In my dissertation, “Envisioning Environments: Designs for Urban US Freeways, 1956-1968,” I articulate urban designers’ efforts to reveal the environmental effects of freeway infrastructures, drawing on Science and Technology Studies frameworks to analyze the political and disciplinary ramifications of design methods and techniques. In urban freeway proposals designers engaged public controversies and political movements in myriad ways, often manifesting tensions between experiential and quantitative models that continue to be debated by designers, planners, and city dwellers today. A recent article in the Journal of Design History, “Drawing Natures: US Highway Location, Representational Techniques and the Rise of Ecological Design,” closely analyzes two such freeway designs in order to elucidate the substantive roles of drawing technique and design method in defining...